Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video games can be addictive, A. Nicole

With their addictive nature and the ability to engross students in another world, attempting to use video games to educate students is a backfire waiting to happen. Though there are games out that claim to be educational, because they lack the longevity and replay value of regular games, the are ineffective. The reason children cling and take to games is the opportunity to leave their lives behind and enter someone (or something) else's. Educational games do not have the same attraction factor, so why would children play them? Dr. Peter Stevephenson states that the problem with video games is that they can be really addictive and a bigger distraction if you happen to like video games. (Macris, 2010) Is it really possible that any children would have interest in a game that gives them no reward besides education?


Macris,Richard. (March 30, 2010). Video games can be addictive, distracting.


Video Games 4 Kids said...

Schools do not only have to buy the games that are branded or marketed as "educational." There are other games out there not marked as education but can be used effectively in the classroom. For example Second Life, the 3D virtual world has been used in schools as a virtual classroom or laboratory. Medical students have used it to practice simulations. There many ways to use Second Life in schools. This an example of non-educational game turn educational.

Video on Second Life in Education:


VideoGamesUseless said...

The problem with using video games just because we can is that not all students learn well with simulation/through games. Rushing to use these resources without being sure that a worthy result can be attained is not the answer.

-A. Nicole

Video Games 4 Kids said...

yes, video games can and are sometimes addicting, but in a controlled environment with/ under parental supervision to not allow games to influence the social aspect of life, instead allow games to enhance a students learning ablilty.

Video Games 4 Kids said...

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